Monday, March 17, 2014

All Things Possible with Kris Barney

All Things Possible with Kris Barney 


Live Workshop Date:  March 17th at 12:30pm
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Kris Barney has the knowledge, experience and expertise to strengthen and empower others throughout the world. Kris is a motivational speaker, trainer and mentor. She specializes in helping others heal; create belief in them self while also strengthening and healing their relationships. Kris teaches and trains others how to conquer the trials and difficulties in their lives to live a joyful, rewarding and purpose filled life. Kris is making a profound difference in the world as she strengthens and empowers others to trust, love & believe in themselves while managing and balancing their families, occupations and challenges. 

As the founder of All Things Possible, Inc. Kris is able to share her knowledge, expertise and life lessons with others around the world. She has created programs to inspire and empower others as well as teach them processes to make their lives amazing, even through the tough times. Kris is a personal Mentor. Those who work with Kris have incredible results in their personal and business lives. “It is the little things that we do on a consistent basis that ultimately make the biggest differences in our lives.” ----Kris Barney 

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