Monday, June 30, 2014

Wisdom Window Wonders...Barbara Christensen - Bija Coaching

What is the biggest challenge you have overcome in your life?

When I was thirteen I started having anaphylaxis reactions to a variety of foods. That started off a long decade of health and nutrition related problems that included a year of high school doctors visits to determine that I needed ovarian surgery. Then it took another two years after high school to figure out that I had severe IBD. I realized in my early thirties that nutrition was health, and learning how to balance you health with the right nutrition is the biggest thing you can do for yourself. - Barbara Christensen, Bija Coaching

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

How to Educate Yourself with Andrew Flaxman, Creator of Classic Insights

Live Online Webinar Date: June 26, 2014 at 12:30pm MDT 
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How to Educate Yourself with Andrew Flaxman, Creator of Classic Insights

Classic Insights Institute provides a practical, engaging, and personally meaningful guide to some of the highest and greatest achievements of Western culture.  It is a learning experience which meets the needs of many who are dissatisfied with some aspects of traditional academic education.
The program is an innovative, high quality model for how to empower Liberal Arts study.  It meets high academic standards while having a very practical, inspirational and experiential approach to the study of the Humanities.

The material presents a model for how liberal arts should be, but is not.  It is curriculum you always wanted to take but never had the time.  It’s the essence of what is important to know about Rembrandt, Plato, Mozart, Emerson, Franklin, Shakespeare, and many others, but didn‘t know how to ask.  Classic Insights Institute includes revelations found in some of the “Great Books”, but in addition also includes insights into music, art, politics and economics.  It’s the stuff that many of today’s college students will never study as they focus more and more on narrow specialties.

The program consists of over 40 different topics introduced by lecture/guides and is associated with many books and recordings.  Every course includes a personal mentor to help assist by email and video conferences each and every student on a group or on a one-to-one basis.

This approach to Liberal Arts is very different from just teaching evaluating, comparing, analyzing, and memorizing.  Rather we concentrate on practicing and developing imagination, inspiration, and intuition, all higher levels of mindfulness.  The self-knowledge theme of the program provides the motivation to study the associated materials because virtually everyone is interested in themselves.  This guided survey of the Humanities and its interdisciplinary nature help make the material simpler to understand and assimilate.  Knowing the whole picture facilitates putting the pieces of a puzzle together.   The sense of wholeness provides purpose and meaning to self-study and helps make a pleasure what otherwise might be work.

The ability to think in an imaginative and creative manner is no less important than the abilities to memorize and to solve problems.  Classics Insights offers important insights into thinking, creativity and imagination that are essential to being a successful Human Being.

The fact that we do not have buildings or high-priced instructors enables us to deliver this education entirely online in a very affordable manner.

Andrew Flaxman is the founder and director of Classic Insights.  He received his B.A. from Princeton and graduated cum laude.  He then went on to receive his M.A. in Business from Rutgers.  He is an author, speaker, and teacher, and is passionate about helping people transform their education!

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Wisdom Window Wonders...Chris Miles - Money Ripples

How much time do you put into managing your finances each day?

I only manage my finances weekly. Only about 5-10 minutes max per week for personal, and about 5 minutes for business. Chris Miles, Money Ripples

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Did You Remember the Ice? An Interview with Bob Nicoll

Live Online Webinar Date: June 26, 2014 at 12:30pm MDT 
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Did You Remember the Ice?  An Interview with Bob Nicoll

Since completing his Bachelors Degree in Psychology in 1972, and Masters in Counseling in 1974 Bob Nicoll has focused his energies on studying the power of word choice: The Psycho-physiology of Words. He refined his skills working with leading personal growth and development leaders over the next 20 years while earning certifications in Rational Behavior Therapy and Neuro-Associative Conditioning Systems. In his lifetime he has been a counseling psychologist, a business owner, consultant, a motivational speaker, a sales trainer, restaurant owner, financial planner and a top sales manager. In each role he has consistently found opportunities to tap into his passion:  Helping people get better results with BETTER Word Choices!.

There is power in the clarity of your articulation. ™  

When Bob composed this message, the words came easily.  For more than 40 years he has nurtured a passion for linguistics and BETTER — or empowering –  word choice; more specifically, the juxtaposition of words.  By definition; juxtaposing means to place side by side, especially for comparison or contrast.  In the composing of your message, paying attention to the juxtaposition of your word choice is critical.
In 2005 Bob reflected on the lessons he had been teaching, learning and sharing with the different people in his life over the years, and decided it was time to gather them together and share them with the public. After leading seminars and workshops, and developing a program with a workbook and companion CDs and DVDs, Remember the Ice and Other Paradigm Shifts was released in October 2008 and  is in the hands of readers in 40 countries.  It has become a global concept.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wisdom Window Wonders...Jewels Muller - Chicks Connect

What is your favorite memory of traveling around the country in an RV?

Being eaten by Zombies! We were extras for a film called Beach Zombie Rampage and our entire family was attacked and eaten by zombies. We were in Boca Raton, FL. They sent us our two minute clip and I watch it over and over again. We didn't have our 15 minutes of fame but we enjoyed our 2 minutes! - Jewels Muller, Chicks Connect

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Monday, June 23, 2014

Wisdom Window Wonders...Becky Mackintosh - Life's Short Lessons

What does education mean to you?

Education means expanding your knowledge through schooling or life lessons. It's the things you implement to better yourself. It means to have learned a better way and commit to do better. Education opens doors. Job applications ask what college did you attend? Graduation date? And Degree? I could answer question number one, but not the second or the third. Doors were either closed or lower pay was offered. Don't let that happen to you ....get an education and expand your wings. - Becky Mackintosh, Life's Short Lessons

Thursday, June 19, 2014

It's Time for a Cup of Joe with Jen!

Jen Hudgins hails from the great state of Oklahoma, and if you ask her how she would describe it, she would quote Nicole Hill, 

"Oklahoma isn't a place.  It's in your blood.  It's something that you do.  It's the tear in your eye and shirt off your back & the giddy-up in your soul."  

And boy does Jen have giddy-up in her soul!  In fact, one of her website domains is  Jen flew in this week to Salt Lake City to interview with Wisdom Window, as well as meet with entrepreneurs and friends to discuss her current adventure with her sponsor, Modere.  A self-proclaimed Visionary/Warrior, Jen is committed and passionate about giving people permission to live their dreams, and that includes children.  Jen was a school teacher for 10 years and continues to inspire children by volunteering to teach them how to read at a local school.  Her mantra, "People with Purpose and Passion are Always in Fashion" is the perfect way to describe her.  

I talked to Jen a couple of weeks ago and she said, "I'm always late.  I drink beer and sometimes I swear.  AndI love the Lord.  What you see is what you get."  And it's true!  Jen has inspired thousands of people, and especially women, to break through their self-imposed glass ceiling and get out there and do what they are meant to do.  In fact, her other website domain is, and she will tell you that while she is a confident person, it is only because she is certain about her own strengths and weaknesses.  

Over the past year, because she has faced some health issues, Jen has been doing research on how to live a lifestyle free of toxins.  That allowed her to align her brand with Modere's.  She naturally loves to share where she gets products that help her, and Modere is all about Social Marketing, something Jen excels at.  

Jen's programs - Soul Recess and Certainty Sells - will be available on Wisdom Window soon! 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

How to Create a Spark Station with Mary Ann Johnson - The Home-School Coach

Mary Ann Johnson is a mother of 7 children, and she homeschooled her last two.  We sat down with her recently to talk with her about what families face when choosing to homeschool, and how to help kids get past the summer boredom!  Mary Ann is well known in the homeschool world as The Home-School Coach. Her program teaches parents How to Create a Spark Station, as well as Spark Station Idea Packets.  

Homeschooling is gaining in popularity around the world, as families look for ways to spend more time together.  Mary Ann saw a need as she mentored families in the homeschool community.  She teaches parents how to connect more with their children, which leads to a better education for all!  You can also learn about about an exciting, inspiring and easy to use educational tool called the Spark Station, which will help any parent, regardless of their educational choices, to have more dynamic and exciting educational experiences in their home.

You can find Mary Ann's Spark Station Program and Spark Station Idea Packets on Wisdom Window!  Come by for a visit and download a FREE Spark Station Idea Packet!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

How to Create Powerful Relationships with Becky Mackintosh

Live Online Webinar Date: June 5, 2014 at 10:00am MDT 
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Becky Mackintosh is the mother of 7 and has had her share of FUN when it comes to parenting!   Recently we interviewed her about her experiences.  From running a small farm with her kids to going viral with a picture of her husband in short shorts, Becky has experienced adventures all over the world.  She is an Ideal LifeVision coach, and has had the opportunity to travel to India to teach the Ideal LifeVision method.  

Becky and her husband, Scott, joined Wisdom Window in the beginning to share their parenting advice. Scott joined us at a Wisdom Window Workshop, where he entertained the crowd for 45 minutes with funny stories and a poem that he wrote about his experience with wearing short shorts.  They are members of the National Speakers Association - Mountain West Chapter, and often share the stage, helping the audience with lessons on how to deal with the teenage years. 

After releasing her first book, My Husband Wears the Short Shorts in THIS Family, Becky sat down with her son and created a video with him about their experience together when he decided to tell his parents that he is gay.  The video had a huge impact on people, and they received many calls and emails with stories of people who had struggled in their own families.  

You can watch the video here.

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