Thursday, June 12, 2014

How to Create a Spark Station with Mary Ann Johnson - The Home-School Coach

Mary Ann Johnson is a mother of 7 children, and she homeschooled her last two.  We sat down with her recently to talk with her about what families face when choosing to homeschool, and how to help kids get past the summer boredom!  Mary Ann is well known in the homeschool world as The Home-School Coach. Her program teaches parents How to Create a Spark Station, as well as Spark Station Idea Packets.  

Homeschooling is gaining in popularity around the world, as families look for ways to spend more time together.  Mary Ann saw a need as she mentored families in the homeschool community.  She teaches parents how to connect more with their children, which leads to a better education for all!  You can also learn about about an exciting, inspiring and easy to use educational tool called the Spark Station, which will help any parent, regardless of their educational choices, to have more dynamic and exciting educational experiences in their home.

You can find Mary Ann's Spark Station Program and Spark Station Idea Packets on Wisdom Window!  Come by for a visit and download a FREE Spark Station Idea Packet!

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