Thursday, June 5, 2014

How to Create Powerful Relationships with Becky Mackintosh

Live Online Webinar Date: June 5, 2014 at 10:00am MDT 
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Becky Mackintosh is the mother of 7 and has had her share of FUN when it comes to parenting!   Recently we interviewed her about her experiences.  From running a small farm with her kids to going viral with a picture of her husband in short shorts, Becky has experienced adventures all over the world.  She is an Ideal LifeVision coach, and has had the opportunity to travel to India to teach the Ideal LifeVision method.  

Becky and her husband, Scott, joined Wisdom Window in the beginning to share their parenting advice. Scott joined us at a Wisdom Window Workshop, where he entertained the crowd for 45 minutes with funny stories and a poem that he wrote about his experience with wearing short shorts.  They are members of the National Speakers Association - Mountain West Chapter, and often share the stage, helping the audience with lessons on how to deal with the teenage years. 

After releasing her first book, My Husband Wears the Short Shorts in THIS Family, Becky sat down with her son and created a video with him about their experience together when he decided to tell his parents that he is gay.  The video had a huge impact on people, and they received many calls and emails with stories of people who had struggled in their own families.  

You can watch the video here.

Check out Scott and Becky at Wisdom Window!

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