Thursday, June 19, 2014

It's Time for a Cup of Joe with Jen!

Jen Hudgins hails from the great state of Oklahoma, and if you ask her how she would describe it, she would quote Nicole Hill, 

"Oklahoma isn't a place.  It's in your blood.  It's something that you do.  It's the tear in your eye and shirt off your back & the giddy-up in your soul."  

And boy does Jen have giddy-up in her soul!  In fact, one of her website domains is  Jen flew in this week to Salt Lake City to interview with Wisdom Window, as well as meet with entrepreneurs and friends to discuss her current adventure with her sponsor, Modere.  A self-proclaimed Visionary/Warrior, Jen is committed and passionate about giving people permission to live their dreams, and that includes children.  Jen was a school teacher for 10 years and continues to inspire children by volunteering to teach them how to read at a local school.  Her mantra, "People with Purpose and Passion are Always in Fashion" is the perfect way to describe her.  

I talked to Jen a couple of weeks ago and she said, "I'm always late.  I drink beer and sometimes I swear.  AndI love the Lord.  What you see is what you get."  And it's true!  Jen has inspired thousands of people, and especially women, to break through their self-imposed glass ceiling and get out there and do what they are meant to do.  In fact, her other website domain is, and she will tell you that while she is a confident person, it is only because she is certain about her own strengths and weaknesses.  

Over the past year, because she has faced some health issues, Jen has been doing research on how to live a lifestyle free of toxins.  That allowed her to align her brand with Modere's.  She naturally loves to share where she gets products that help her, and Modere is all about Social Marketing, something Jen excels at.  

Jen's programs - Soul Recess and Certainty Sells - will be available on Wisdom Window soon! 

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