Monday, January 26, 2015

Wisdom Window Wednesday - Interview with The Human Innovation Garage

Founded by serial entrepreneurs Stephan Thieringer and Mona Kelly, their combined expertise provides a strong international business perspective, a deep understanding of the psychology of change and the importance of purpose in leading a business.


Stephan and Mona focus on people, not organizations.  In the process they get to know you. Their style is up-close and personal. They work with aspiring entrepreneurs, leaders, executives and business owners who want to challenge their status quo and lead from a place a radical self-awareness.

Self-innovation plays the most important factor in people's ability to be "the most responsive to change". Their Radical Self Awareness pledge to you makes them challenge your status quo.

Expect authenticity. Be willing to pause, to look inward and to get clarity on your core values. Be ready to identify the strengths you can build on and the weaknesses you can hedge. Learn skills and attitudes necessary to stay grounded and become a conscious leader.


Create Exponential Value for your Business Stakeholders.

129 Newbury Street, 4th floor  .   Boston MA 02116  .  telephone +1(617) 585-0088

Watch the interview here! 

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