Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Be Your Own Champion with Krista Nebeker

Live Online Webinar Date: April 14th at 12:30pm 

Brought to you by Wisdom Window 

Krista Nebeker is a speaker, cancer guide, and a unique trainer. She is a captivating and dynamic speaker. She empowers her audience with the, "courage to conquer their challenges." She inspires them to embrace a life full of faith not fear. Krista has 12 years experience in the dental field, where she quickly learned about office dynamics. If the "team" isn’t happy, productivity suffers. Serving an LDS mission in Australia shaped her abilities and leadership skills even more. Being an entrepreneur at her core has driven her to such adventures as sales consultant and an MLM builder. The desire to create, gave her the ability to learn video editing and the courage to help launch "Jared Scott Outdoors," onto local T.V. programing. It was doing this project that lead her to know her passion was people, not her computer! 

In 2008, Krista found Dressing Your Truth and certified as an Energy Profiler and Style Expert. She trained women in Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Colorado and Oklahoma. She also spent a week training women in Australia. Cancer has been a reality in her life since she was just 14. Her father, a dynamic radio station owner and entrepreneur, died of liver cancer. This event has been the flame for her purpose and passion. It was her husband’s diagnosis of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in June of 2009, that put the fuel on her "fire." She was 7 months pregnant with their 4th boy, at the time. It was through these experiences that she created the foundation of her trainings and cancer guide programs. "When cancer enters your home you go into survival mode, when your baby decides to come breech, it then becomes helpless mode- I am not fond of either." 

Drawing on her experiences in life and business, Krista put her innate gifts, her storehouse of knowledge, and fighting spirit into rebuilding her home in the "aftermath." There are 2 sides to this coin, her experience with losing and her knowledge of winning. You don’t have to have cancer to gain valuable insight from her webinars and trainings. Everyone has challenges, applying her core elements can help you over come any trial, like building your own business.  

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