Monday, September 8, 2014

5 Digital Products You Can Sell on Wisdom Window

5 Products You Can Sell on Wisdom Window

Ever wondered what you can sell on Wisdom Window?
This list will give you lots of ideas and (hopefully) help you make a decision.
Not only will I list the  types of digital products you can sell, but I’m also going to show you real  examples of these products already being sold!

Information Based Products

1. Training Programs:
Wisdom Window is a content membership site that requires members to pay to get in, and if you so choose, continued payment is required (monthly or whatever) to have access.
This type of site should contain permanent content and ongoing content creation. The permanent content gives members something to do once they get inside, while the ongoing content keeps them paying every month.

2. Ebooks:
Ebooks are still a great way to get paid from your writing efforts. Ebooks are a great way to package your knowledge to help your customers solve a particular problem.
Many content providers try selling an ebook first to test the market. They’re not as difficult to put together as a full blown video training course, so it’s less “risky.”

3. Audio Program:

We love recording audio products.  You can easily put together a $20 program in a weekend.  All you need is a recording software like Adobe Audition, a USB condenser microphone, and a problem your readers want to solve. Record 3 or 4 audio sessions giving away the solution to this problem and package it nicely.

4. Video Training Course:
Video training programs are a bit harder to create. They require more time, energy and lots of patience. Today’s technology allows us to create great videos with much more ease, but the challenge is still in editing and producing a high quality product.
You can use screen capture software where you’re talking over a powerpoint presentation. You can record live action videos or you can do both. It’s totally up to you.

5. Multimedia Program:
This is basically a combination of all the other types of courses. A multimedia program should consist of audio sessions, downloadable PDF worksheets, reports, checklists, and video content.  Some of the programs we've seen also offer access to a private community of members where why can interact with each other and ask questions. This type of program takes the most work, by far … but you can also charge more money. (depending on your market of course)

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