Monday, August 25, 2014

Wisdom Window Webinar: The Mindset of Self-Defense with Shayne Chance

Wisdom Window Webinar:  The Mindset of Self-Defense with Shayne Chance

What a gift! A native of Utah and a former victim (turned victorious!), Shayne Chance is an Impetus Speaker and Women's Self Defense Coach through her company Warriors In Heels LLC. Some of her greatest personal accomplishments involve the creation and implementation of a 3 hour training seminar surrounding women’s self defense called 'Victim or Victor?' And her newest, a series called The Celebration Series where she provides a forum for women to hear professionals, volunteering their time, to help women discover what strength truly is and build a network where they can safely trust others to help them move into the next step of their life. Identifying the Predatory Interview is a huge success as she helps women determine if they are being targeted for assault. Her compassion mingled with personal experience allows her to relate to people and has led to a successful company wherein thousands of women ages 8-82 have benefited from her humorous, yet informative instruction for over 20 years, defining her as a powerful professional, personal and stage presence. Owning her own companies and establishing a criterion for success that can be effective in any industry, she, among other things, speaks to all types of groups and people, teaches Women’s Self Defense & Coaching with intensity and humor, striving to inspire in a plethora of ways (mostly based on ghastly personal faux paus). Writing is also a passion with a purpose for her. She lives a wonderful, if not stress free life, full of joy and adventure!

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