Tuesday, February 3, 2015

8 Steps to Create Your Online Course

8 Steps to Create Your Online Course

Join Wisdom Window on a weekly webinar where you will learn the 8 Steps to Create Your Online Course! Are you struggling with the step by step process of what to do? Do you have curriculum in your head that you know you could train, but you don't know how to organize it effectively? 

You are not alone! Online courses and education are predicted to double in 2015! The demand is high for experts in their field who can teach and train and create online courses. Wisdom Window was created 18 months ago as a platform for people to host their content and collaborate with one another. Since then, it has evolved into a training platform for entrepreneurs who want support to automate and duplicate their content to reach more people. That is why we created our weekly webinar, 8 Steps to Create Your Online Course. We want to help speakers, trainers, authors and coaches share their knowledge with the world, and get paid for it!

Join us weekly and we'll teach you what we know!

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