Monday, February 9, 2015


After hearing over 45+ of client testimonials on how effective Janyelle’s life coaching techniques have transformed their lives, both personally and in their businesses.  We were excited to have her join Wisdom Window.

Janyelle Huff’s Intuitive Healing program focuses on helping the soul experience the freedom of success in all areas of life.  Janyelle offers a variety of services including magnetic healing, ascending intuition, energy healing, hypnosis, life coaching, and intuitive insight.  She has worked with people on anxiety, depression, and addictions; as well as other areas of life and business.

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Janyelle truly offers Intuitive Energy techniques for your Mind, Body and Soul. Guidance, tips, and wellness energy that allows you to live Openly and Intuitively with ease in your daily life. 

to learn how she can guide you to focus on successful solutions in your life.

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