Monday, July 14, 2014

The Key to Your Education with Tresta Neil of Keystone Connections

Live Online Webinar Date: July 14, 2014 at 9:00am PT, 10:00am MT, 12:00pm ET
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About Thom & Tresta Neil

We are the happy parents of eight wonderful children. Thom is from New Hampshire and served a mission in Italy.  I am from New Mexico and served a mission in Holland.  We met while working at a nursing home in Provo, Utah before my mission.  Thom wrote me on my mission and then married me shortly after I returned.  After we had 4 children (in 41/2 years) Thom brought up the idea of homeschooling and I thought he was absolutely crazy!! After attending a few homeschooling conferences I decided to try it and we've never looked back.

While Teaching my children, I gained an education I never received in high school or college.  I feel smart.  Now we teach others how to organize their learning, their papers and how to make notebooks with their children while building relationships.  :)

Thom has likewise always maintained a love of learning. Several years ago he turned his attention to public speaking and mentoring. He has had many opportunities to continue his education studying presentation, body language, and mentoring. He loves to share these gifts daily. Thom is an enthusiastic, passionate, loyal husband to Tresta and dad to eight amazing children. He introduced homeschooling to his family and has encouraged its success in their home.  Enthusiasm for life's good, passion for his family and trust in the Lord led him through the darkest of valleys including his son's liver failure and transplantation.  His experiences give him insight into the eyes of those he mentors. With his passion for learning and continued education from life, he inspires other men, women and their children to a life full of transformational learning. Thom has been mentoring and training all ages in Utah for over 10 years on leadership, personal connection and life transformation.

We've gained a great amount of knowledge in homeschooling. We are the co-founders of Keystone Education. Together we see an exciting future sharing our success, our mishaps and our vision for a truly gospel centered education in every home. 


The Keystone Logo

The letters are created in stone with light and dark shades.

The symbol between the two words is called a vesica pieces or fish bladder.  It is created with two identical circles overlapping at their centers and sharing a radius.  The shared area has a glowing heart representing the love of God.  This inner shape has many meanings.  One of them is that it represents a doorway.  Many cathedrals have half of this shape over the doorway depicting the way to heaven is through these doors.  The worldly ideas on the outside and the spiritual teachings on the inside.  Another meaning for this shape is The Fall the pulling away from the whole or God and the wanting to return.  This pulling away creates a need for Jesus Christ and the atonement.  Many artists use this symbol when painting Jesus Christ.  Jesus comes through the door to assist those of us on earth and shows us the way to return back to God and His love through the door of the vesica pieces.  

I chose this shape and symbol for Keystone Connections because what we learn is the only thing we get to take back through the door to heaven.  Finding the best education, knowledge, understanding and intelligence becomes our greatest quest.  

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