Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Wisdom Window Creates the Ability for Providers to Have an Intro Video

Wisdom Window Creates the Ability for Providers to Have an Intro Video

Today Wisdom Window launched the ability for content providers to have an intro video in their individual windows.  This will be a huge benefit to both the provider and the Wisdom Window member, as it will allow the member the opportunity to see what a window is all about quickly and easily. 

Wisdom Window launched in March 2014 as a web based platform for transformational online training.  Content providers who speak, train and coach in the areas of Personal Development, Health and Fitness, Business, and Education/Homeschool, have been putting up their content in "Windows".  The content is both free and paid, providing valuable training for thousands of members across the world.

Membership on Wisdom Window is Free

To become a member of Wisdom Window, go to www.wisdomwindow.com and join for free.  This will give you access to all of the free training provided in individual windows.  Wisdom Window also hosts weekly interviews and webinars that are free for our members to watch at any time.  Members have their own dashboard to manage all of the training they purchase in one area.  This allows members to jump back and forth between different trainings, which they love! 

Become a Wisdom Window Provider

If you are a speaker, trainer or coach who specializes in creating digital programs for transformation, Wisdom Window is an incredible platform that is now available for you to manage all of your programs in one location.  It is simple to use with an easy content uploading tool.  You are able to upload video, audio, downloadable documents, text, and links.  If you are interested in learning more, please contact Wisdom Window at (855) 265-224 and one of our account managers will work with you to get your windows up!

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