Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Wisdom Window Wonders...Krista Nebeker - Be Your Own Champion

Who has been your biggest influence in business?

As a young girl in Jr high and high school, I would hurry home to watch Oprah. She had a way of inspiring me, a small town Idaho girl. She shared herself with the world and they seemed to want more. It seemed there was nothing she couldn't do. I remember her talking about having these "ah ha" moments. I wanted an "ah ha" moment. I always knew deep inside of me there was a courageous and strong girl with a message and a story to tell.....I waited for that "ah ha" to show me the way! Needless to say it took longer than I thought or had planned. I love that Oprah was a woman pursuing her dreams and getting better and better every year at being more authentic. She followed her heart and her dreams. She didn't take no for an answer. She is persistent, determined, and has a smooth system of business that amazes us all. She has influenced me to do the same, find my passion and pursue my dreams and to never ever give up! Now I have had several "ah ha" moments and I am sharing and dreaming and working hard to share that message with the world. - Krista Nebeker, Be Your Own Champion

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